Anonymous asked: do you have a kik? :]

we’re all different people on this blog, i (aranagrande) have a kik yes i don’t know about the others tho :)

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I’m leaving!


Now don’t freak out, just listen. 

Its about time to get the news out. You’re probably asking why? Let me tell you, when I was off tumblr to study for exams, I realized I could live without it, that there was better stuff out there and I didn’t need it. Once I came back I also realized how boring it was, how I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life sitting behind a laptop screen reblogging things and blogging about things that don’t matter. I’m better than that. Next year, I’m switching countries and schools and I really want to start fresh so its time to say goodbye to tumblr.

But wait, a friend of mine will save my url for when I come to visit sometimes and answer questions (even though I won’t get any). I’ll leave a list of places you can contact me if you want but then its goodbye. 

I’ll miss you guys lots and can’t imagine life without you, byee!

leaving the blog :/ sorry ill miss you guys

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ohshnapitsari asked: Hi :) I've just made a new Ariana fan account! Could you check it out please? :) <3

This is a sideblog so we can’t follow back sorry!

Ariana & Jai


A picture of Ariana celebrating Christmas.


If any of the photos I’m about to post have been posted anywhere please tell me so I can delete them!


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Most of these (probably all) aren’t rare since I haven’t seen any released yet. I’m very sorry but when I do find some I’ll post it for sure. I’m only posting this in case the anon wants them.


Anonymous asked: can you please post rares of ariana & jai from his birthday yesterday? also from her at disney when she was wearing the sweatshirt, thanks :)

I have one rare from his birthday I think, I’ll post it now! Could you be more specific with the sweatshirt/disney?

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I have been posting actually at all but I want to so this blog is going under revamp. If you’re not posting please leave the blog. We won’t be posting rares whenever we find them so if you want us to post rares please ask us and tell us what you want specifically. Random, holidays, with friends, etc. I’m going to put a new theme so please no one change it without telling/asking me please. Tag your rares with rares, videos with videos & asks with asks. I’ll be done with this revamp quickly, it will probably take only a week or so. No posting until then. And please again if you won’t post then just leave the blog so that you won’t waste your time or ours. 


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